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To request a copy of any of our downloads, fill out the form completely and honestly, and submit it. If the request is approved, you will be emailed a download link. I will be personally approving requests, so the approval may not happen for a while. I will try to do it at least once a day, but occasionally that may not be possible. A few points to keep in mind:
  1. All fields are required fields.
  2. The form will be checked by a human being -- me. if it looks to me like a hacker, a spammer, or a bot filled it out, the request will not be filled. If that happens, you won't even be notified of the rejection.
  3. Be sure the email address is correct. The download will be via a link that is emailed to you. If you get the email address wrong or try to hide behind a fake address, you will never receive the link, and will have no way to get the program.
  4. The link expires a day after it is emailed to you, so use it promptly.
  5. We do not sell or share your information. We just want to know who is using the programs, and for what purpose.
  6. If you are a gmail user, you may be out of luck. Or not. At any given moment, I don't know. From time to time, gmail decides to block the email I send you that has the download link. I don't know why, and I'm not going to try to figure out why. Maybe the email is in your spam folder; I don't know and I have stopped caring. Over the years, I have found that gmail "protects" its subscribers, whether they want to be protected or not. I will no longer make that my problem.

Available for download

I have gotten permission (as of November 2021) for several other programs besides TrajectoWare software to be downloaded from my site. So now available for download are programs from Max Dupilka and Carey Winquist, as well as TratjectoWare.
  • TrajectoWare Drive: Naturally! This is the primary reason the TrajectoWare site is here. Version 1.0 is still the current version. It is Windows-only. It works fine with all Windows up to and including Windows 10. I have no idea about Windows 11.
  • Trajectory 3D from Max Dupilka: If you want trajectories for clubs other than driver, you want this. It will do irons with good accuracy, which TrajectoWare Drive will not. It is a fairly old Windows program and may be cranky, but it worked on my Windows 10 machine after a couple of tries. Be patient.
  • SwingPerfect from Max Dupilka: A swing simulator based on Jogensen's model. It is a somewhat extended double-pendulum model. Definitely not 3D, and it will not cover the "up and in" motion the big hitters use. But there are decidedly worthwhile things to learn from playing with it. I have used it in a lot of studies myself. It is a fairly old Windows program and may be cranky, but it worked on my Windows 10 machine after a couple of tries. Be patient.
  • Club Designer spreadsheet from Carey Winquist: A spreadsheet that can be used to estimate swingweight or moment of inertia, as well as other club parameters. You can use the defaults, or control an amazing amount of detail about the club. I have used it in several studies; it was my key tool in my "MOI with a swingweight scale" work. This file is in the standard ODS format, and is handled well by Excel and most other spreadsheet programs. I have used it with Excel and LibreOffice Calc.

If you have been reasonable and complete in your answers, you will receive an email with a link to the download page.

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